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Park Regulations

Road Signs in Richmond Park

There are a number of policies and regulations that apply in the Royal Parks including specific guidance and rules for cycling. For the full overview on regulations please click here.

The following is a layman's summary of the main regulations, as they affect Richmond Park.

Under Park regulations it is an offence to:

  • Drive above the 20 mph speed limit
  • Drop or leave litter
  • Fail to keep a dog under control or (where required) on a lead
  • Permit a dog to foul
  • Permit a dog to chase, worry or injure a deer or other animal
  • Bathe in a pond
  • Interfere with a plant or fungus
  • Climb or interfere with a tree
  • Fish or take birds' eggs
  • Worry or injure an animal or bird
  • Feed or touch a deer
  • Park outside the car parks
  • Play games or sport, fly a kite or model aircraft except in designated areas
  • Carry on a trade

Information on the Park Regulations, Park Policies and Car Parking Regulations for the Royal Parks can be found here.

Royal Park's Pathway Code of Conduct

Below is an extract of the Code of conduct for cyclists, roller skaters, roller bladers, skate boarders and visitors using other foot-propelled devices in designated areas – see this document for full details. For full details and advice on regulations and cycling in the parks please click here.

Be considerate – Pedestrians have priority over all other users of pathways and shared pathways, even in areas designated and marked for other purposes. You are asked to use these pathways considerately. Other users may not be aware of you, please remember this when passing.

Be safe – We recommend you wear British Standard approved protective equipment and ask that you adhere to all pathway and road markings. Our pathways are not suitable for fast travel, so please keep to a sensible speed. If you are in a hurry, you may wish to use another route.

Be seen & heard – Some park visitors may have a visual or hearing impairment, using a bell and or wearing high visibility clothing will help others to be aware of your presence.

Be polite – Thank other park visitors who allow you to over take or pass them.

Parks Regulations

The Royal Parks have special rules. A fully copy (called the Royal Parks and Other Open Spaces Regulations) is posted at each gate, but some of the main points for cyclists to note are:

Speed Limit in the Park
  • speed limits on the park roads apply to pedal cycles as well as other vehicles
  • you must have lights on your bike if you are cycling after dark
  • you can only cycle on the roads and shared pedestrian and cycle trails - not over the grass or in the woods

Full details of the parks regulations can be found here.