Richmond Park Richmond Park
in association with  The Royal Parks

Safe Cycling in Richmond Park

Richmond Park is a National Nature Reserve. We want you to enjoy cycling in the park, and to make sure you have a safe and trouble-free visit.

To help us, please follow the safety advice below, use the Royal Park's Code of Conduct and abide by the Parks Regulations (see link).

Parkcycles Code of Conduct

Bicycle and Helmet for Safety
  • Wear a helmet
  • Keep to the speed limits
  • Ride on designated paths and roads only
  • Secure luggage and bags correctly
  • Don't leave the park
  • Let pedestrians on trails know you are there with a bell or a polite greeting
  • Watch out for vehicles, even when the park is closed to other traffic
  • Be wary of free-roaming deer, other wildlife and dogs
  • Wear bright clothing
  • Use legal front and rear lights to make sure other park users can see you if the light is poor


Please note that Police Officers are now able to issue Penalty Notices, which carry a £60 fine for a number of offences in the Royal Parks including failure to adhere to the designated cycle routes or speeding..

For further information on penalty notices and regulations click here.


There is no recovery serbice; customer's are responsible for the return of the bike to the Parkcyle unit.

Call for advice only 020 8878 2519.

We will add additional time to the hire time to compensate for any time lost.

Accidents and Emergencies

If you have an accident as well as phoning for any required emergency services please also let us know directly by calling 020 8878 2519.

  • For emergency services call 999
  • For non-emergency police call 101
  • If you have an accident or emergency please inform us by calling 020 8878 2519.