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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much is it?

Rates vary depending on season. We aim to offer discounted rates outside of holiday periods to encourage people to cycle and experience the park. Our current prices and pricing calendar can be see on the Opening Times & Prices page.

2. What is the maximum time I can hire a bike for?

You can hire for as long as you would like. We charge for the time you actually use based on the hourly hire rate for that day. For example, you can hire for 1hr 45 minutes and you would be charged 1.75 times the hourly rate on the day!

3. I am not very fit and the park is hilly will I be ok?

Yes all our bikes are equipped with gears to cope with the terrain. Also there are many routes and variations that can be planned that avoid the main hills. Check the information on suggested routes for your level of ability and choose a route to suit! The Roehampton – Robin Hood – Sheen Gate sections offer the flattest cycling area.

4. I want to bring my family but I don’t know where to go and how long to hire for?

That's great – there are many routes that you can choose from and in an hour you could go as far as Pembroke Lodge via Sheen and then directly back to Roehampton. Alternatively with smaller children sticking to the lower end of the park between Roehampton/ Sheen Gate/ Pen Ponds Car Park and Robin Hood will provide a relatively easy young family circuit.

5. What sort of bikes do you have?

All our bikes are all terrain bikes and suitable for all the designated pathways and trails in the park. The geared mountain bikes are supplied by a leading manufacturer. In addition we have some road bikes and tandems as well. For the younger ones, we have Children’s bikes, baby seats, tag alongs and trailers as well.

6. How do I get to you – I don’t have a car!

Without a car you can get to Roehampton Gate by coming into the Park from Upper Richmond Road with a 10 minute walk – buses go from Richmond along to Putney – check out our location page and travel information.

7. Can I book in advance?

Yes – provided that you book the day before (5pm latest). Full payment is required for advanced bookings in order to secure your bike hire. To book in advance and enjoy a 10% discount, please use the Cycle Booking Request Form.

8. Can I have a discount?

Of course! Book in advance and/or come on an off peak day where we have substantially lower rates. If you are a larger group and hire 6 or more cycles then you will automatically qualify for a larger group discount. See our Opening Times & Prices page.

9. We want to hire for a few hours but not exactly sure how long we need – what should we do?

Check out our suggested routes page – decide how much of the park you want to see and how many stops you may want to take! We charge for the time you actually use based on the hourly hire rate for that day. For example, you can hire for 1hr 45 minutes and you would be charged 1.75 times the hourly rate on the day! If you book an hour and half and take 2 hours then it is not a problem as you can pay the difference based on the extra minutes for the extra time upon your return.

10. I am not quite sure what size bike I will need – can you help?

We can help of course but as a guide have a look at the Bikes and Equipment page where you will find a size guide in table form to help you

11. What should I bring with me when hiring?

You should wear comfortable clothes and perhaps a wind proof or water proof if the weather is changeable. Of course at warmer times of the year make sure you have sunscreen and water (you can pick this up at the cycle centre too). If you have booked in advance please bring your booking reference number too!

12. Do you have any bikes for disabled users?

Yes we have one tricycle which is suitable for some disabled users. It can be hired without charge for disabled users provided they are accompanied by an able bodied carer on a standard adult bike which would be paid for at the normal rates.